Our district deserves authentic representation. 

Earning the right to represent all of you in the state assembly isn't a responsibility I take lightly. Public service is a vital function of our government, one meant to serve as representation of the people - which is why it shouldn't be reserved only for those who can afford to run or have the right last name. I'm proud to have my campaign powered by small donations, grassroots volunteers and activists, and everyday voters like you. I'm beholden to nobody. No special interest groups, no corporate donations, and no political operatives or consultants. The only voice that will matter to me when I'm elected is yours. 


I'll never compromise on our Constitution. 

As your next assemblyman, I'll be a strict adherent to our nation's brilliantly written Constitution. No other document in history has better encapsulated or served the pursuit of happiness, life, or liberty. Like all of you I know the proper role of Government should be as a tool to protect our rights, not a means of controlling and limiting our rights. That's why I'll always stand firm in defending those rights in the state legislature, no matter what. Our right to speak freely, our right to keep and bear arms, and every other right guaranteed by our Constitution are non-negotiable to me. 


Farming and ranching are vital to our district.

Our farmers and ranchers form the backbone of our economy and are the bedrock of our local communities, which is why I'll make the effort to meet with as many farmers and ranchers as I can during this campaign and hear your concerns directly. I want to know how the California state government has made business more difficult for you and ways we can get back to working for our agricultural community. Whether we're talking water rights, water storage, protecting the Klamath Dam, or cutting regulations, you'll always have a friend in me.


Crime needs real solutions, and law enforcement needs our support.

Our district's many great police officers and sheriffs deserve representation in the state assembly that acknowledges the unique challenges they face in their jobs and the reality of crime in our district. In many small towns across the North State, crime, homelessness, and drug abuse problems have gotten worse. I'll vote to provide whatever resources and information our great law enforcement needs to keep us all safe, as well as vote against the efforts of state Democrats to weaken law enforcement and decrease punishment for crime in the state. I've seen firsthand the way the crime problem affects our communities and I'm ready to send a clear message with my votes in the assembly.


Wildfires are a clear danger to our area, and California needs to do more to stop them.

Last year, we saw unimaginable tragedy inflicted on our friends and neighbors in the North State, during fires like the Carr Fire near Redding and the Camp Fire in Paradise. During those difficult times, we saw our remarkable communities come together to do what they always do in times of crisis: we pulled together for our neighbors, we provided food, clothing, and housing, and we assisted in the clean-up and rebuilding process. But that isn't enough. The fact is, our forests are mismanaged by the federal government. That's why it's important that we equip our heroic firefighters with the manpower and resources they need, advocate for changes to policy on a federal level, and force our own state to do more on this issue. Tragedies like what we saw last year should never happen again. 


Illegal immigration and the crisis at our border is unacceptable.

Our rights as defined by the Constitution are provided to and meant for citizens of this great nation. I'm a supporter of legal immigration, but those who cross into our nation illegally do so at great peril to themselves and us. We cannot account for who they are or where they came from, nor can we afford to provide them with state benefits. The United States cannot handle the influx of South American immigrants seeking asylum or illegally crossing over our border, and that's why I'll fight our state's Democrat lawmakers and Governor as they write and pass laws which subjugate citizens in favor of providing for illegal aliens. There is only one acceptable way to become a citizen, and it's the legal way. 


Healthcare and education deserve our attention.

For too long, these issues have been relegated to the backburner on most legislators lists of priorities. But providing quality education to our children and ensuring our loved ones are covered by health insurance they can afford are issues I'm ready to deal with head-on. They aren't easy issues, and I certainly don't have all the answers. But I'll take cues from our district's educators and healthcare providers and make my office as accessible to them as possible so I can hear from them directly and take their ideas in person. 


Family values are my values.

No matter where you go in District 1, whether it's in the far corner of Modoc County or the bustling streets of Redding, we all share a common appreciation for our families, our faith, and our community. That bond is the cornerstone of the way of life we enjoy here in the North. We all want to protect and provide for our loved ones and look out for our neighbors. I'm a father and a husband myself, so believe me when I say I'll always consider how a piece of legislation or a vote directly affects your family. I'm also someone who believes that life begins at conception and that our rights are endowed to us by our Creator, not government.






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